injury recall technique



A Doctor's Guide For Treating Acute & Chronic Pain

​Injury Recall Technique (IRT) is by far the most highly acclaimed procedure of all of Dr. Wally Schmitt's many clinical innovations.  Every doctor who has used IRT has his or her own favorite IRT Stories. (See IRT Stories)

Also reviewed in this video presentation are Stop Your Pain Now! techniques as taught in Dr. Wally Schmitt's handbook and audio CD by the same name.  

These techniques are the BEST PAIN RELIEF TOOLS that you can use. They create more amazing responses than anything you have ever seen.  

Demonstrations of these hands-on pain relief techniques include:     

     - Injury Recall Technique: The History of Injury & Trauma

               IRT for the Head & Neck

               IRT for the Rest of the Body

     - Indicator Testing  

     - The Neurology of Pain

     - What Every Doctor Needs to Know  

     - Stop Your Pain Now! Techniques  

                NSB Technique - Acute Pain Relief

                Set Point Technique - Acute & Chronic Pain Relief

                LQM Technique - Chronic Pain Relief

     - Using Essential Fatty Acids for Pain Relief  

​     - Identifying the Presence of Histamine-Related Allergies in Pain 

Stop Your Pain Now! by Dr. Wally Schmitt 


​     - 48 Page Self-Help Handbook      

     - 80 Minute Audio CD     

     - 2 Hour DVD (For All Audiences)

Dr. Wally Schmitt pioneered Stop Your Pain Now! by combining principles of modern neurology with ancient acupressure principles.  Since the techniques are easily performed by anyone and the results are so consistent, he decided to make them available in the Stop Your Pain Now! handbook, companion CD, and instructional DVD presentation. 

     - Designed for all audiences

     - Presents techniques you can use for yourself and your family 

     - Addresses acute pain and chronic pain  

     - Includes a simple technique for Emotional Stress Reduction

 Topics include:   

     1. Finding the Pain Control Points for:          

               Acute Pain Relief      

               Long-standing Pain Relief  

     2. Fast Healing of Sprains & Strains   

     3. Emotional Stress Reduction   

     4. Specific problems:          

               Low Back Pain         

               Menstrual Pain         

               Sinus Pain         

               Tooth Pain & Jaw (TMJ) Pain   

     5. Identifying the Underlying Causes for Recurring Pain

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IRT DVD & sypn Package


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