Clinical observations suggest that approximately 80% of patients have a "muscle memory" associated with one or more of their previous injuries.  These "muscle memories" contribute to the presenting problems and complaints reported by the patient.  It is this "muscle memory" of an injury that is corrected by IRT.

Have you or someone you know ever said:

  • "It started hurting after my accident and all the doctors have told me that it is not related to the accident.  However,  no one can tell me what caused it."
  • "Ever since I went to the dentist my tooth has hurt.  It has also been temperature sensitive.  But the dentist can't find anything wrong with it."
  • "Right after I had the operation the problem began, however the surgeon said that there is no relationship between my symptom and the surgery.  But "doggone it" I didn't have it before the surgery? 

Many patients share similar stories observing that they have never been the same since the accident, the injury, the surgery, the dental work, the childbirth, of any one of a number of other injuries or traumas that they may have sustained during their lifetime.  As a doctor who understands the impact of injury and the variety of symptoms that trauma may cause, I am always happy to hear these comments because I know what needs to be done to help relieve the persistent symptoms: "Injury Recall Technique."

why does irt work?


To understand why IRT works, you must first understand what happens when the body encounters an injury or trauma - To any injury in any tissue of the body (including surgery and some dental procedures) there is a muscle response.

For example, what do you do if you put your hand on a hot stove?  You immediately pull your hand away and, in fact, you tend to move your whole body away from the burner.  If you step on a tack, you lift your foot quickly and shift your entire body weight to the other foot.  These muscle responses to injury are designed to protect you from further injury and are supposed to last for a brief time and then return to normal.

But, if the injury is serious enough or lasts long enough, the muscle response continues and remains as "muscle memory." IRT erases the muscle memory!